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Image by Matthieu Joannon

Our Story

"Wilbert's" is named after Dennis Bielfeldt's 96-year old father, Wilbert, who lived on a lake in NW Iowa.  Wilbert was a remarkable man, as many of his generation -- the "greatest generation" -- were.  Graduating from high school in 1942, he helped his father farm during WW II because his brother John was already serving in the European theater.  However, the Korean Conflict was brewing, and Wilbert soon found himself in the army and stationed in Germany during that conflict. Our troops in Europe fully expected to see a Russian advance in those days, but cooler heads prevailed -- and a first use American nuclear policy.  


Wilbert began farming in 1952 and had been involved with agriculture until the end of his life. Growing up, he always had freshly butchered steers, hogs, lambs and chickens always in the deep freeze. Wilbert enjoyed great steaks, pork and lamb chops, and often enjoyed a good beer with his dinner. 


We designed Wilbert's for people like Wilbert who enjoy high-quality corn-fed beef, pork and lamb with a great beer. We believe that many in our area have Wilbert's tastes and invite all to an evening of excellent cuisine at Wilbert's Steak and Alehouse. We have great wines and a fully-stocked bar featuring another of Wilbert's favorites: high quality single malt scotches.  We hope to see you soon!  

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